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Thwarted No More.

So, the other night I was able to do the side-by-side tasting with the 2009 I Masieri and 2009 Sassaia white wines from La Biancara di Angiolino Maule. Unlike the previous time I tried this little experiment, both bottles were … Continue reading

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Recent Tracks.

There have been a few bands/songs that I’ve either stumbled on recently that I didn’t know existed or I hadn’t heard these particular tracks from before. Maybe you’re totally on top of them and I’m hipping you to something you … Continue reading

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Sing me a song, you’re a singer-songwriter-man, man.

Ok, so I’ve just put together another mix (the previous one is a few posts back). This one is a bit different than the first, maybe a bit more ‘accessible’. Whatever. I found myself listening to a few of these … Continue reading

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Alles Back To Meinem

I recently put together a mix that I envisioned being the soundtrack to an evening out in early ’80s Berlin (or Manhattan). I’m calling it Alles Back To Meinem as a play on the All Back To Mine cd’s that … Continue reading

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