Recent Tracks.

There have been a few bands/songs that I’ve either stumbled on recently that I didn’t know existed or I hadn’t heard these particular tracks from before. Maybe you’re totally on top of them and I’m hipping you to something you already know. Maybe they’ll be new to you and you’ll like them as much as I have.

First up The Scientists from Perth, Australia.

I had heard some of their more ‘punk-y’, earlier tracks like “Frantic Romantic”, but this later stuff was new to me until about two months ago, when I started gathering tracks for a new mix I’ve been working on. Love, love, love the bass tone one this. Dirty.

Another band I found out about at the same time was Section 25. A Manchester UK band that put out records for Factory and were mates with Joy Division (whom they share a similarity to).

And I just heard this track today from Jorge Ben (who I was familiar with, but not  this song) and I can’t stop listening to it; the groove is super infectious. And when the backing vocals kick in? You can just feel the sunshine pouring in.

Also from Brazil is Tim Maia. Not terribly inventive for album titles (over ten of his records are self-titled), he marries soul and funk with samba and baião, especially on this track (which even has a great psych fuzz guitar tone).

(sorry for the crappy quality of this one, it’s the only one I could find on YouTube)

This next one may alienate some, but I also like heavier, noisier music. The Body from Providence, RI put out an amazing record last year and it was/is one of my favorites. Loud, sludgy, pulverizing. They sound like an artier version of the slowed down parts from power violence bands like Neanderthal or Man Is The Bastard (with better production).

And one more from the heavy department. The band Black Breath also put an album out this past year that is pretty abrasive. From the first note of the first track it just rips your ears apart. To me they sound like Black Flag-era Rollins singing for an ’80s trash band I listened to as a teen. Unfortunately, the videos of tracks off the record have been taken down, but here’s a live version of that first track (song kicks in at :35).


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