A Happy Accident

From the sometimes-things-just-work-out department. In mid-September this year I spent two weeks in Manhattan for work and one Saturday I ventured down to Chambers St. Wines to grab a couple things. Well, a couple things turn into six or so bottles (funny how easy that happens there), too much to try and carry back home, so I had them ship the wines. The excursion wasn’t the best timed as I squeezed it in before having to catch a train. Long story short, I got wrapped up in talking with people there, started running out of time to catch my train and thought I had grabbed a bottle of 2007 Trousseau from Domaine de la Tournelle (imported by Jenny&Francois) when in fact I grabbed a bottle of their 2007 Fleur de Savagnin (damn labels looks so similar). Needless to say I was a bit surprised when I opened the package and saw the-not-Trousseau looking back at me. Oh well, I thought, could’ve been worse.

Savagnin, not Trousseau

There is no way I can out-do the back story for Tournelle and their wines that Bert at Wine Terroirs has put together (if you’ve found my lowly blog, then I imagine you’re familiar with his highly informative one). Anyway, the other day at the best place on the interwebz to talk about talking about wine someone posted a note about the 2007 Fleur de Savagnin from Tournelle mentioning how nice it was (in almost as many words, yet much more poetic). What great news! The same bottle I accidentally bought was supposedly awesome. Nice. Well, curiosity got the better of me and it was only a matter of days before I was running over to my storage site to grab the bottle and see for myself.

I was so determined to get into the wine that I wasn’t even going to let a little thing like not having any Comté in the house hold me back (though I tried; you’d think no one in Chicago needs to buy good cheese past 7:30 pm). Throwing caution to the wind, I forged ahead and opened it anyway (‘I’ll just save half for tomorrow and pick up the cheese by then’ was my thinking). What greeted me was a lovely light yellow wine with a lovely nose of citrus and just a hint of walnuts and a lovely, mouth-filling taste of orange, nuttiness and minearality with a blast of acidity. Did I mention lovely? Because, yes, that is what is was. In all areas. Granted on the first night, it was wound maybe just a bit tight. On the second night though, it was showing it’s wares with abandon. Maybe that’s because I had brought Savagnin’s BFF Comté around to play. There’s is just something about the interplay of the nuttiness of the Savagnin (even the slight pronouncement of one that has been produced ouillé, or topped off) and that of the cheese that just go skipping hand-in-hand down the hill together.

Needless to say, I am quite happy with this little ‘accidental’ purchase. Actually, I now wish I would have bought more.


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