Sing me a song, you’re a singer-songwriter-man, man.

Emitt Rhodes pic taken from the internets

Ok, so I’ve just put together another mix (the previous one is a few posts back). This one is a bit different than the first, maybe a bit more ‘accessible’. Whatever. I found myself listening to a few of these tracks recently, and like the first mix, found some more and some more and the next thing you know I’ve got a playlist of 20 or so songs. Into Soundtrack they go… fade this, truncate that and there you have it. A nice little mix for you to gaze your ears upon. No particular story to go with this one (unlike the Alles mix), if there’s a common thread, most of the musicians here would fall into the Singer/Songwriter category. But who cares for categories. Hope you enjoy.

Tracklist (again, if you must):

Sixto Rodriguez “Sugar Man”

Scott Walker “The Old Man Is Back Again”

Jacques Dutronc “Hippie Hippie Hourah”

Elliott Smith “Amity”

Jon Brion “Ruin My Day”

Dungen “Lipsill”

Emitt Rhodes “Somebody Made For Me”

Brendan Benson “Tiny Spark”

Sloan “Everything You’ve Done Wrong”

Big Star “September Gurls”

Cheap Trick “He’s A Whore”

The Animals “A Girl Named Sandoz”

Harry Nilsson “Jump Into The Fire”

The Velvet Underground “Head Held High”

The Kinks “Lola”

Emitt Rhodes “Long Time No See”

Albert Hammond “It Never Rains In California”

Captain Beefheart “Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles”

Michael Nesmith “Until It’s Time For You To Go”

Dennis Wilson “Lady (Falling In Love)”

Roxy Music “Pyjamerama”


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