Alles Back To Meinem

I recently put together a mix that I envisioned being the soundtrack to an evening out in early ’80s Berlin (or Manhattan). I’m calling it Alles Back To Meinem as a play on the All Back To Mine cd’s that have come out over the last few years.

Imagine After Hours. Imagine going from the club down a dark, sketchy-looking alley hoping to score some hash. Stumbling around town with the other late night creatures. Only to find the after party through the haze and then dance with that chick you noticed a few hours ago at the bar. And then the sun comes up . Enjoy.

Here is the tracklist if you must know:

Grauzone “Eisbär”

Iggy Pop “Nightclubbing”

Nite Jewel “Suburbia”

Koudlam “See You All”

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Round And Round”

Tom Tom Club “Lorelei”

Death Comet Crew w/Rammellzee “Exterior St.”

Public Image Limited “Death Disco”

Ultravox “Dislocation”

Wire “Single K.O.”

Der Plan “Commerce Exterieur Mondial Sentimentale”

Cluster “Hollywood”

Memory Cassette “Asleep At A Party”

Toro Y Moi “Minors”

Washed Out “You And I”

LCD Soundsystem “All I Want”

Brian Eno “Here Come The Warm Jets”

The Brazda Brothers “Lonely Time”

Patrick Coutin “J’aime Regarder Les Filles”

The Velvet Underground “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’”


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